22/01/2013 09:00 GMT | Updated 24/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Dan Lester's Drawing / Photography Hybrids Seem Strangely Familiar...

Ever since we saw Dan Lester's drawing / photography hybrids, we've been trying to put our finger on what they remind us of.

dan lester

The Leeds-based artist told us his project - which involves taking snaps of his friends and then using digital techniques to make half of their bodies look ‘doodled’ – was inspired by MC Esher’s ‘Drawing Hands’.


MC Escher's 'Drawing Hands'



How it's done...

His began his career making designs for local club nights while still at university, and since then has worked for numerous websites including influential music blog aggregator Hype Machine.

The project made the front page of deviant art a while back, after which it was “reblogged thousands of times on tumblr and was featured on 9gag, which is apparently a big deal” (it is).

Even still, we’re not wholly convinced by the Esher comparsion…


There's something else they remind us of...


Wait a minute. We’ve got it.