NTAs 2013: The 14 Best Things About This Year's National Television Awards

  • Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry being nervous presenting the first award, a nice change from the overall slickness on display
  • David Walliams' take on 'Skyfall' villain Javier Bardem, complete with blonde wig. "I thought you were the Queen," complained Dermot. "Why does everyone think that?" purred Walliams
  • The way they STILL call it 'Serial Drama' instead of 'Soap'

Ashleigh and Pudsey giving it Gangnam style for the NTAs

  • Martin Freeman hamming up a 'bad loser' look when 'Downton Abbey' won the Best Drama award ahead of his beloved 'Sherlock'
  • Simon Cowell showing his soft side, with hugs for both Ant and Dec, telling them "you've changed me, I like success for other people"
  • The footage of Paul O'Grady's puppies feeding, before he went on to win the award for Best Factual Entertainment Programme. There was no arguing with those cuties!
  • McFly proving how versatile pop stars can be with their mugging when they presented the Best Reality Award
  • Pudsey giving it Gangnam Style before going obediently back on his lead for Ashleigh to speak
  • Joanna Lumley being eulogised by no less than Martin Scorsese - making us all but forget about the Christmas 'Ab Fabs'
  • Pictures of Philip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and Paul O'Grady shown in all their 18-year-old glory, never mind Dermot's painful ad-libbing while the technology struggled to catch up with his script
  • Prof Brian Cox putting Dermot to shame in his tuxedo, and Darcey out-twirling him minutes later (why do they make Dermot dance every year? It never works)
  • Sir David Attenborough shaming everyone with his absence, not because he's 84 and just feels like putting his feet up on a cold winter night, but because he's away filming another TV series in China
  • Ella Henderson proving she's got staying power with her version of Cher's 'I Believe'. Poor James Arthur - remember him? - may have won the 'X Factor' battle, but he's nowhere to be seen
  • Lord Coe, Sir David Hoy and Co being as understatedly talented as they have been all year
National Television Awards 2013 - Show - London

National Television Awards 2013 - The Show