joanna lumley

The Absolutely Fabulous star did not hold back with her criticism of the Netflix series.
Keeley Hawes' new ITV drama stirred up plenty of mystery and intrigue after debuting on Sunday night.
The Absolutely Fabulous star was shooting a new documentary for ITV when the terrifying incident occurred.
Noel Fielding is on the hunt for a new co-presenter, and we've got some ideas already.
The Absolutely Fabulous star received a mixed reception from viewers, after some of her jokes failed to land.
The total was announced at the end of the telethon.
People were loving her Patsy Stone-inspired look, however.
There are just weeks to go until the ceremony.
"Versatile, funny and generous. Much loved and will be much missed."
'We mustn’t deride all men, as only the few are bad and we need to remember that, too.'
Joanna Lumley received mixed reviews from fans, after making her debut as a Baftas host on Sunday (18 February) night. 
Here's hoping there'll be a few surprises at next month's Oscars.
Who doesn't love this absolutely fabulous British star?
She also believes it's best to leave the beloved show in the past 😭
Stephen Fry has stepped down after 12 years.