People Are Just Realising This Connection Between Netflix's Fool Me Once And Peaky Blinders

And no, we're not just talking about a certain member of the cast...
Fool Me Once is now streaming on Netflix
Fool Me Once is now streaming on Netflix

Viewers who’ve been tuning in to Netflix’s new drama Fool Me Once may have felt a bit of déjà vu while they were binge-watching, and we don’t just mean because of the drama’s all-star cast.

While watching the eight-part series, which is the latest collaboration between the streaming service and mystery writer Harlan Coben, many viewers couldn’t help feeling a little distracted as they tried to place where they’d seen Joanna Lumley’s character’s elaborate stately home before.

And then… the penny finally dropped that the location was previously the home of Tommy Shelby, the character played by Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders.

Netflix later confirmed this to be the case in an Instagram post comparing images from the two shows, joking: “They really thought they could fool us with Tommy Shelby’s house.”

The property in question is Arley Hall in Cheshire, which has previously been used in a number of TV shows and films over the years.

In fact, as some fans have been pointing out on social media, this isn’t even Joanna Lumley’s first time filming at the location.

Back in the early 90s, she played Mrs Peacock in a TV adaptation of the hit board game Cluedo, which used Arley Hall as its primary location.

Joining Joanna in the new Netflix drama are Richard Armitage, Adeel Akhtar and former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan.

Among the supporting cast is Irish actor Emmett J Scanlan, who previously played Billy Grade in the fifth and sixth seasons of – you guessed it! – Peaky Blinders.

All eight episodes of Fool Me Once are available to stream on Netflix now.


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