Dame Joanna Lumley Hits Out At 'Creepy' Fan Behaviour

The Fool Me Once star isn't afraid to call people out on it, either.
Joanna Lumley at the premiere of Fool Me Once
Joanna Lumley at the premiere of Fool Me Once
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

Dame Joanna Lumley has admitted she’s had it with people trying to sneakily take her photograph in public.

The Absolutely Fabulous star recently sat down with Fool Me Once co-star Michelle Keegan for an interview with Sky News, during which they spoke about life in the public eye.

While Dame Joanna admitted she “never minds” posing for photos with fans when she’s out and about, she does take issue when people try to “steal them”.

“They don’t ask you, you just see them quietly, at a dinner table, going like that across a restaurant,” she explained.

Dame Joanna went on to say she has no problems “walking over” to the offending amateur photographers and asking them “shall we do a proper picture?”.

“And they get a bit flustered and go, ‘oh, I didn’t want to disturb you’,” she added. “And you go, ‘no, but that’s creepy’.”

Michelle then agreed: “It’s basically CCTV, that’s true.”

Joanna Lumley as Judith in Netflix's Fool Me Once
Joanna Lumley as Judith in Netflix's Fool Me Once
Vishal Sharma/Netflix

Fool Me Once has proved to be one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2024 so far, and has been riding high on the top of the platform’s most-watched list since it debuted on New Year’s Day.

Many fans were quick to point out that one of Fool Me Once’s more luxe locations had already been seen in another hit drama, which provided a full-circle moment for Dame Joanna, as she’d previously filmed at the same venue back in the early 90s.

The miniseries’ success has led to the streaming giant to announce it will be adaptating two more Harlan Coben novels later this year, with production on the first set to begin in the spring.


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