Loved Watching Fool Me Once? Well, Netflix Has Got An Exciting Update For You

The Harlan Coben drama has already been hugely successful for Netflix in 2024.
Harlan Coben fans are in for a treat following Netflix's latest announcement
Harlan Coben fans are in for a treat following Netflix's latest announcement
Vishal Sharma/Netflix

Netflix’s recent adaptation of Fool Me Once may not have been to every critic’s taste, but that certainly didn’t stop viewers from bingeing it in their hoards, with the suspenseful thriller riding high at the top of the streaming service’s most-watched list for most of January.

If you’re among those that binge-watched Fool Me Once after its debut on New Year’s Day, Netflix has got some news that might put a big smile on your face.

On Monday morning, the streaming giant announced it was adapting two more novels by Harlan Coben, the author behind other Netflix titles like Fool Me Once, Stay Close and The Stranger.

Production on Missing You will begin in the spring, followed by an adaptation of Run Away later in the year.

Michelle Keegan and Richard Armitage in Fool Me Once
Michelle Keegan and Richard Armitage in Fool Me Once
Matt Squire/Netflix

Fool Me Once is still at the number two spot on Netflix at the time of writing, and stars Michelle Keegan, Adeel Akhtar and Dame Joanna Lumley.

The drama also features Richard Armitage, who previously appeared in Stay Close and The Stranger, leading to plenty of comments about whether he’ll be cropping up in Missing You...

Richard previously caused a stir with his appearance in another Netflix drama, the erotic thriller Obsession, which debuted on the platform last year.

Official synopses for Netflix’s next two Harlan Coben shows are as follows:

Missing You

Eleven years ago Detective Kat Donovan’s fiancé Josh – the love of her life – disappeared and she’s never heard from him since. Now, swiping profiles on a dating app, she suddenly sees his face and her world explodes all over again. Josh’s reappearance will force her to dive back into the mystery surrounding her father’s murder and uncover long-buried secrets from her past.

Run Away

Simon had the perfect life: loving wife and kids, great job, beautiful home. But then his eldest daughter Paige ran away and everything fell apart. So now when he finds her, vulnerable and strung out on drugs in a city park, he finally has the chance to bring his little girl home.

But it turns out she’s not alone and an argument escalates into shocking violence that will shatter Simon’s life all over again. His search for his daughter will take him into a dangerous underworld, revealing deep secrets that could tear his family apart forever.


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