Yes, Prime Minister, You'd Better Get Used To Hokey Cokey Politics

Yes, Prime Minister, You Better Get Used To Hokey Cokey Politics

Today we witnessed something historic. It was the first round of a new phenomenon: hokey cokey politics.

Four times Ed Miliband asked David Cameron if he’d vote in or out, yes or no in a European referendum - four times the PM dodged a straight answer.

Today’s session of Prime Minister's Questions was the opening skirmish in a battle which will define political debate (and despite its seriousness potentially bore us into an early grave) for the next few years.

David Cameron landed some good shots as Miliband struggled

As usual, the flagship occasion for politicians to showcase their leadership skills looked more like a kids party than constructive party politics.

Miliband put his left leg in.

Then pulled his left leg out.

In, out, in, out

He tried to shake Cameron all about

“He’s frightened because of the people behind him,” shouted Miliband who wasn’t on top of his game today.

Miliband was trying to make the point that Cameron’s call for an in/out EU referendum wasn’t about EU reform, but more about the PM tying to keep his own disillusioned party happy.

But then Cameron put his right leg in and did manage to shake Miliband all about.

“You can’t fight something with nothing,” he shouted over the dispatch box.

Tory backbenchers laughed and waved their papers. Miliband looked like he was struggling.

“He needs to go away and get a policy and tell us what it is,” added the PM, sticking the boot into Miliband.

Labour will now be wondering how they can knock some lumps out of the Tories.

Meanwhile, Cameron’s backbenchers couldn’t have been happier with the newly established hokey cokey politics.

They sat there, knees bent, arms stretched waving papers and shouting “ra, ra, ra”

RESULT: Cameron wins

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