eu referendum

Veteran backbencher says the prime minister's position would be "untenable".
PM suggests it's time to prepare for an “Australia-style” agreement.
We could end up with tonnes of fish that Brits don't even like and no way of selling them to the EU before they rot.
No matter how hard we work to prove the stereotypes wrong, we Romanians are painted as criminals and thieves. And it’s exhausting.
After the referendum result on Brexit in 2016, fashion writer Sorcha McCrory began to question whether the Britain she was born and raised in was still the same. As Brexit dominated headlines, incidents of racism and blame began to swirl around the topic and in 2019 Sorcha moved to Copenhagen, Denmark as she felt that the UK was no longer a place where she could stay and wanted to remain a european citizen.
London has been my home for more than forty years, but the emotional and financial drain of the last three years almost made me throw in the towel, writes Baboule.
It's been a busy morning for the second referendum crowd.
The founder of BeLeave was fined by the Electoral Commission for breaching spending rules during the EU referendum campaign.
Some 70% of Labour constituencies voted to leave the EU. Unless the party honours the referendum result, all those seats will be into jeopardy, Labour Leave's Brendan Chilton writes
A decision to summon the Tory leadership frontrunner to court over his £350m Brexit claims was quashed last month.