eu referendum

Some 70% of Labour constituencies voted to leave the EU. Unless the party honours the referendum result, all those seats will be into jeopardy, Labour Leave's Brendan Chilton writes
A decision to summon the Tory leadership frontrunner to court over his £350m Brexit claims was quashed last month.
While the road ahead is still a lengthy and turbulent one, we have come a long way, and we move forward with a genuine sense of optimism as we mark our first year milestone.
Paul Waugh hosts this week's Commons People as Arj Singh returns from the all-night talks between Theresa May and her EU counterparts, where an extension until October 31st was granted by Brussels. Is the deal enough time for May to get her Brexit deal through though? Or does it give her own party an incentive to hasten her demise?
Votes at 16 is not an issue of party advantage. It’s about how we view our democracy and the role of young people within it.
Leaving the EU without a deal will always be the default outcome, until a Withdrawal Agreement is agreed, or Article 50 is extended to find a solution
A confirmatory referendum would provide the closure which the whole country is desperate for, Lib Dem MP Tom Brake writes
For the first time I find myself afraid for my future – and when you're scared you can either run away or you can fight for what you believe
Although all EU member states have to unanimously agree to extend, no-one will want to take the diplomatic risk of a veto
The EU Commission has negotiated with the UK on the basis of a mandate from the member states. Without changes in that mandate, the Commission isn’t allowed to pursue any radically-different agreement