NTAs 2013: Tulisa Reveals Plans To Head To Hollywood In Search Of Film Roles (VIDEO)

'I'm Off To Hollywood'

With a flop debut album to her name and rumours she's set to be axed from 'The X Factor', it's no wonder Tulisa is on the hunt for a new job.

She is now turning her attentions to acting, and has revealed plans to head to Hollywood later this year.

Speaking to reporters on the red carpet of the National Television Awards on Wednesday night, she told of her hopes to bag some film roles.

"I'm back in the studio this year, starting to record the next single, but also I'm back into my acting this year - I'm hoping to get into a couple of films," she said.

"I do actually have plans to go to Hollywood and do a couple of auditions, but we'll see how it pans out."

She added: "The most awesome film role would have to be Lara Croft in 'Tomb Raider'."

And there was us thinking Tulisa had already starred in a film of her own *sniggers*.

Watch the video above to see her discussing her film plans, as well as commenting on the speculation she's set to leave 'The X Factor'...


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