David Beckham In London Traffic Drama, Pedestrian Walks In Front Of Car

Beckham's Nasty Shock

David Beckham had a nasty shock driving his car in London on Thursday - he was forced to slam on his brakes to avoid a pedestrian crossing the street.

The footballer was driving with wife Victoria in the posh South Kensington area when a pedestrian stepped out into the road.

It is thought David did not see the person immediately as they were not at traffic lights or a crossing, but the sports ace slammed on his brakes.

However, a motorcyclist behind him also had to make an emergency stop, which resulted in the driver falling off their bike and injuring their leg. It is believed the person may have been a photographer who was following the couple.

The couple were out on their own for the evening and their children were not in the car with them at the time of the incident.

A source told The Mirror: "There was no contact between David's car and the moped. He did not hit any vehicle and had no option but to brake to avoid the pedestrian. When he realised that the person had come off the moped he hailed a policeman to let them know.

"He was obviously concerned that someone was injured and wanted to get help straight away."

The event could be a nasty bump back to reality for the couple, who have recently moved back to live in the UK with their four children following the end of David's contract with LA Galaxy and to help Victoria to concentrate on her fashion line.

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