Guy Fawkes Descendent, Philip Fawkes, Joins Ukip

The latest member of the UK Independence Party is hoping to explode onto the Westminster scene and you can bet there will be fireworks (possibly).

Retired headteacher Philip Fawkes is the "10 times great grandson" of Guy Fawkes, on of those involved in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, and the party speculated that he might one day get to the Commons by legitimate means.

Ukip hailed the recruitment of Fawkes, with leader Nigel Farage saying it showed "the blood of rebellion still runs in his veins".

This was the rather unfortunate fate that Guy Fawkes was subjected to

A spokeswoman said that in fact he was not directly descended but shared a common ancestor in the Catholic plotter's 15th century great great grandfather.

The Gunpowder plotters' plan to kill King James I, MPs and Lords at the State Opening of Parliament, by detonating 36 barrels of gunpowder stashed around the Palace of Westminster, was foiled.

"Was Guy Fawkes the last man to enter Westminster with honest intentions?" Farage wrote on Twitter.

"Ukip has its own Fawkes, sharing the same lineage."

He later added: "I'm absolutely delighted to welcome Philip aboard into our ever-expanding team, It is obvious that the blood of rebellion still runs in his veins."

Philip will be hoping to have a better time in Westminster than his relative who was hanged, drawn and quartered after being horrifically tortured.