Street Artist Inkie Hired To Brighten Up Entrance To Bristol

There's not normally much to look at when you're walking through a train station.

A few billboards... maybe a branch of Upper Crust... if you're lucky - very lucky - someone tripping over their luggage.

Inkie's 'Bristol to Brooklyn'

But commuters in Bristol got an extra treat this week when they shuffled past an artwork by Inkie, a local street artist who was commissioned by the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone to produce an original piece.

Entitled 'Bristol to Brooklyn', it is on display at Bristol's Temple Meads train station and it supposed to "welcome visitors to the spiritual home of the UK graffiti scene", which of course it is thanks to Banksy coming from the city.

We're not quite sure what the Brooklyn connection is - surely you can't go direct from Bristol?! - but we can't help thinking more train stations should be hiring local artists to brighten the place up a bit.

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