Chemical-Free Deodorant For 8-Year-Olds Goes On Sale (POLL)

As the age of children reaching puberty falls, a range of deodorants designed for kids as young as eight has been launched.

The UK's first natural deodorant range for teens is launched in Boots this week, and according its manufacturers will meet a demand from mum and kids alike.

"In our own research we have found a genuine concern and absolute need for a solution for pre-teen suffering from body odour," said Keep It Kind co-founder Andrew Roberts.

"There are approximately 3,500 online UK searches for kids deodorants every month which shows the demand for this age group."

Two years ago, a Danish study observed that breast development in young girls now begins on average a year earlier than 20 years ago -- around the age of nine years and 20 months.

However, Tamsin Kelly, editor of and a mum of three, says she doesn't believe body odour is a problem for children until they reach secondary school, when they might come under peer pressure.

"I think giving kids a deodorant is unnecessary and most parents would perceive it as far too ‘adult’.

"One of my sons has had a strong, not unpleasant body odour since the age of about 10. He simply knows he has to wash every day, especially under his armpits.

"I think teaching your children to take care of their personal hygiene is important, but a deodorant is going too far."

The range of deodorants will include: Fresh Kidz, a fragrance free roll-on aimed at children aged 8-10 plus, Blast, a spray deodorant for boys aged 11 plus and Missy, a spray deodorant for girls aged 11 plus.

"At Keep It Kind we are simply trying to help these kids feel more confident about themselves and give parents the tools to help support their childrens' needs," adds Roberts.