Let me give you an example. Growing up in Manchester, with its trademark rain, the first decade of my life was spent feeling never less than semi-damp in purple cagoule. I was 13 before I realized most people didn't rustle when they walked.
Good natural deodorants are hard to come by, but - thankfully for everyone around us - they do exist. While what exactly
After a workout at the gym, it’s acceptable. After a workout between the sheets, it’s sexy. But when you’re trying to go
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We all understand how important it is to care for our skin. So when it comes to our daily beauty routine, we know the drill
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Y'know the Lynx advert? Where the guy simply applies anti-perspirant and women flock to him. Well, it's bollocks. Total bollocks in-fact. I've been through plenty of cans in my time, from Africa to Java and back again, and I can tell you, with my hand on my armpits, that paying an extra quid-fifty for Lynx deodorant is money wasted
As the age of children reaching puberty falls, a range of deodorants designed for kids as young as eight has been launched