29/01/2013 04:29 GMT | Updated 30/01/2013 11:43 GMT

Mario Balotelli's Car Urinated On By Manchester United Fan (PICTURE)

Mario Balotelli looks set to depart Manchester City, and a lewd United fan gave the Italian a farewell gift by urinating on his camouflaged Bentley.

Balotelli's Bentley, you may recall, has already suffered at the hands of United fans when his conspicuous car was mobbed by Reds exiting the Etihad Stadium after the December derby.

The lewd fan marks his territory on Balotelli's Bentley

And on Sunday night, as Balotelli dined at an indian restaurant in Manchester (for the last time?), a group of United fans recognised his car and saw fit to recreate a scene from There's Only One Jimmy Grimble.

Naturally the picture spread across Twitter on Monday, the urinator was identified, mocked for the size of his manhood, reported to the Greater Manchester Police, and then deleted his account.