Islamic House Sign Put Up By Mahmood Ali Ordered To Be Removed By Newport Council

A homeowner has been ordered to remove a sign bearing the Islamic Creed from the front of his house because it is an "obtrusive advert".

Newport City Council demanded the two-foot high Arabic lettering be removed due to its "elevated position" and "prominent siting".

The owner of the house, millionaire businessman, Mahmood Ali, told the Daily Mail: "The message is simply there to bless the house.

"The symbols are not an advertisement in any sense.ā€

Ali's Ā£750,000 eight-bedroom home in Newport, South Wales

The script, known as the shahada, translates as: "There is no God, but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger."

Ali added: "I chose the sign's green colour to reflect the ambiance of the property's character and its surroundings."

The council argue the lettering is in an historic conservation area and breached the Newport Unitary Development Plan.

The council said in a statement: "Due to the prominent siting of the advertisement within the Kensington Place conservation area, its elevated position on the buildings and its use of modern and incongruous materials the proposal fails to preserve or enhance the architectural of historic character and appearance of the conservation area and the appearance of the building and represents an unduly dominant and obtrusive advertisement."

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