Seal Eats Shark: Amazing Feeding Event Photographed In South Africa

Isn't It Supposed To Be The Other Way Round?

Sharks are meant to be at the top of the food chain, but no one told this seal as he made five of them his dinner.

The rare event was photographed for the fist time ever underwater by South African photographer Chris Fallows.

Fallows, who owns a shark diving company, was diving with guests of the coast of Cape Point in South Africa when he witnessed and photographed the unique event.

is the second time the seal has been seen attacking and killing a blue shark

The dive group had been looking for and soon found a group of blue sharks, all around 1.1 to 1.4 metres long, when "suddenly a large Cape fur seal arrived and proceeded to catch and kill its first, then second shark," said Fallows.

The seal ate only the stomach and liver before moving onto its third and then its fourth shark.

"It was terrible to watch," Fallows added.

It appeared to be all over, but one hour later another blue shark arrived, which attracted the seal once again who quickly caught and killed it.

Fallows said: "This was too much for us, we moved about three miles away. We certainly did not want to attract any more sharks to this seal."

He suspects that the seal only ate the stomach as it would have contained fish or squid, the seal's natural diet, and the liver would have been a good source of energy.

He said: "I guess it just ate the parts that gave it the most use."


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