EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: How 'Taken 2' COULD Have Ended, Starring Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen


If Liam Neeson was taken unawares by the success of his hit 'Taken' with his role as a protective father gone stir-crazy after the kidnapping of his only daughter, he must have been a bit more prepared by the even bigger success of the sequel, back in October.

Of course, this being a Hollywood blockbuster, there SHOULD be a happy ending, but HuffPost UK is pleased to host an exclusive clip of The Ending That Got Away, the one that made it only to the cutting room floor, and onto the list of Bonus Features of the DVD, out next week. You can WATCH the clip above...

Liam Neeson was as surprised as anybody by the global success of the 'Taken' franchise

In it, Neeson steps back into his role as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills, the man 'with a particular set of skills' which come into service again when he and his estranged wife are taken hostage in Istanbul, and he's forced to direct his own daughter to rescue them.

When Neeson spoke to HuffPost UK last year, he had own his theories about why this particular franchise took off, when he was expecting it to reap very average returns...

"When the first film came out in America in 2009, the world had turned upside down. Our elected leaders, so-called pillarsof society, bankers, were shafting us, everyone felt vulnerable scared and nervous.

"So people were seeking entertainment, Taken and a couple of others, where someone isn't going to call a figure of authority when he's in trouble, he's going to do it himself, that gave people a guilty pleasure..." (READ the full interview here)

Taken 2 is available on DVD from 4 February. Watch the trailer below...

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