01/02/2013 04:10 GMT

Helen Flanagan Plays Sexy School Teacher In New Photoshoot (PICS)

After recently revealing she plans to study for a degree, Helen Flanagan is wasting no time in getting all academic on us - look, she's transformed herself into a naughty school teacher.

Posing in a cleavage flashing blouse and sexy stockings, Helen raunched it up for Love It! magazine, where she hit out at people who get the wrong idea about her when she poses for shoots like these.

"People think that if you do sexy modelling, you're a bimbo or promiscuous - and I'm neither," she said.

"Scott (Sinclair - her boyfriend) gets annoyed when people say I'm stupid because he knows I'm not."

In a recent interview with FHM magazine, the former 'Coronation Street' actress said she was planning to return to education and sit her A levels so she could get a degree.

“I want to get a degree. I never did A-levels the first time around so I’m gonna do my A-levels this year. I’m going to do History, Religious Studies and Psychology," she said.

“When I was 16 I guess I was just going off the rails! I used to be a really good student and then I just completely went off on one. I was a perfect A* student and then I turned 16 and just became a bit of a rebel. I think it was just hormones. I just couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t be bothered," she added.

The full feature appears in this week's Love It! magazine, on sale now.

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