02/02/2013 06:29 GMT | Updated 04/04/2013 06:12 BST

Danniella Westbrook Plans To Adopt Troubled Kids, Teach Them Not To Follow Her Mistakes

Danniella Westbrook has overcome her demons and is now planning to give troubled kids a new start in life by becoming a foster parent.

Danniella has had her fair share of problems in the past, with a well-documented addiction to cocaine that caused serious damage to her nose. But now she is planning to learn from her own mistakes to help children from homes blighted by drug abuse.

The former Eastenders actress already has three children with her husband Kevin - Kevin's daughter Jordan from a previous relationship, her son Kai and the pair's 11-year-old daughter Jodie.

The couple had wanted to have another baby but after their attempts failed, the couple decided to instead think about other options.

She told The Sun: "So we are currently applying to be foster carers. I'm particularly keen to foster kids from drug and alcohol abuse homes and their siblings so they don't get split up. They might come with a lot of anger and issues but we're at an age where we can cope with it. It's something we really want to do."

As well as her drug problems, Danniella has been diagnosed as suffering from bi-polar disorder, but she has been clean from drugs for 12 years and her bi-polar is under control with regular treatment. She has undergone checks from social workers who are happy with her home life.

She added: "I think it would be the most rewarding thing to parent someone else's child while they get their lives back together and send them back to a stable home. The country is crying out for more foster carer. It will be the hardest job in the world, but it will be the best job in the world too."

Danniella is already preparing for a new role in her life, as she is set to make her first appearance in Hollyoaks later this month as she takes on the role of ex-convict Trudy, an old friend of Jackie McQueen.