National Sickie Day: Find Out Why Your 'Ill' Colleagues Are Skiving Off Work

So the results of National Sickie Day are in.

Following the work day that is reportedly the most popular for people to call in sick (first Monday of February each year), HuffPost UK Lifestyle learned that a stunning amount of us really do fake those symptoms.

A survey of 10,000 adults revealed that nearly four in 10 people have pulled a sickie because of a hangover and 13% have make the call in order to go shopping.

While 27% say they have never been caught out, 3% have been caught by their boss in person.

    Top reasons for pulling a sickie

  • 39% have pulled a sickie because of a hangover
  • 33% have pulled a sickie just because they fancied taking a day off
  • 26% to stay at home with their partner
  • 15% to go for a job interview
  • 13% to go shopping
  • 12% to avoid a meeting or deadline
  • 9% to meet a friend
  • 6% to watch a football or sports match

The survey was carried out by Kaloba® Syrup, a licensed herbal medicine for coughs and cold.