06/02/2013 09:53 GMT | Updated 08/04/2013 06:12 BST

Artist Recreates London, Paris And Berlin Using Cardboard Boxes

If you've ever sat at your desk and felt pleased with yourself for making a passable paper aeroplane, look away now.

British artist Chris Gilmour has made entire cityscapes out of cardboard boxes, including London, Paris and Berlin.

The 40-foot replica of London features the London Eye, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Shard and took him two days to make.

london by day

Chris Gilmour's London

Big Ben is another feature and stands at an impressive eight-foot high (or is it eight boxes?), as a cardboard Tourer bur passes over London Bridge.

Elsewhere in the project - named 'You can build anything when you put your mind to it' - the Bradenburg Gate and Effiel Tower feature, all made from nothing more than cardboard and glue.

It's certainly one way to brighten up your office.



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