06/02/2013 09:14 GMT | Updated 06/02/2013 09:15 GMT

Japanese 'Quack' Muzzles Make Dogs Look Like Ducks (PICTURES)

Now here's one to file under 'Meanwhile, in Japan...'

Ladies and gentlemen - especially the dog-owners amongst you - may we present the 'Quack' muzzle for dogs:

quack dog muzzle

That's right. You may think your pooch is adorable - but it looks even more adorable with a duck bill!

dog quack muzzle

The muzzles, which are available from Japanese online shopping site Rakuten, come in small, medium and large sizes. So there's bound to be a duck muzzle to suit YOUR four-legged friend and/or brighten up your home interior:

dog duck muzzle

We can't wait for the Japanese to turn their hands to dog cone collars. Which, as Sean Lock has pointed out, are clearly designed to help dogs catch biscuits.

(Via The Daily What)