06/02/2013 04:34 GMT | Updated 07/02/2013 03:02 GMT

Kate Middleton Tops List of Most Popular Celebrity Names, Poll Finds

It's February, the month where many of us consider inventing ourselves a new identity, according to a new survey.

After successfully battling through the bleak wasteland of January, many fancy a fresh start in Feb and change their names, according to research from the UK deed poll.

kate middleton

Kate Middleton is the most popular celebrity name, according to the research

Reasons for a fresh alias include an embarrassing appellation (think Mr Fatbottom, or Miss Dick) and 1 in 20 of the would change their name if they shared it with a particularly loathsome politician.

Nearly 10% would change their names to re-invent themselves while 2% would be prepared to do it for a dare.

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Top celebrity name choices

Kate Middleton tops the celebrity names most women would plump for (no surprise there) while David Beckham is first choice for men. He’s followed by Brad Pitt and Stephen Fry – with Daniel Craig sharing fourth place with James Bond.

Helen Mirren and Cheryl Cole are also popular choices for women.

top 20 celeb names

Take a look at some of other the findings below. 2000 people were surveyed for the research.

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