07/02/2013 07:08 GMT | Updated 07/02/2013 07:16 GMT

Father Pays Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook: See Their Contract

The blog Practical Sustainability ("This blog discusses the practical challenges faced by corporations managing and reducing their energy and GHG emissions") may not sound like the most exciting of sites.

But we have to tip our hat to its author, Paul Baier (VP Sustainability Consulting and Research at Groom Energy Solutions), not just for his sustainability work but also for his parenting skills.

For Mr Baier posted this on his Practical Sustainability blog - an agreement with his daughter that she will no longer use Facebook in exchange for the princely sum of $200:

"Facebook Deactivation Agreement with my 14 year old daughter (5 months)," he writes. "Her idea which I support fully."

Wonderful stuff (especially the "stuff" bit). If only Facebook's own user agreement was quite so simple to understand.