07/02/2013 07:58 GMT

A Gopher In A Ballet Dress. The Internet's Work Is Done. (VIDEO)

Typical. You wait ages for one cute animal video, and then five species come along at once.

Yes, the same day that has brought us a scared Corgi, a happy goat, a disabled pig and some orphaned baby bats has also brought us this. A gopher (or to be more precise: a Richardson's ground squirrel), in Japan, in a ballet dress.

Sometimes it's just the simple things, isn't it?

And judging by YouTuber pihchan's videos, this isn't the first time our little gopher friend here has dressed up. Oh, no:

At least we think it's the same gopher. Forgive us for being speciesist, but they all look a little alike to us.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)