Got An Old Mobile Phone Lying Around? Try Doing This With It (VIDEO)

Now here's a fun game for anyone who's got a Nokia 3310 (or similar) lying around somewhere. (You're bound to have one in a drawer - everyone does. And/or your parents still use one.)

Simply follow these steps to recreate the video above:

- Find said old mobile phone (and pop a SIM card in it if necessary. Once you've blown off the dust)

- Get a friend (or your parents) to do likewise

- Set the phones to vibrate

- Stand them both upright on a table

- Call them both

- Stand back and enjoy the fun!

The winner, of course, is the one with the mobile phone left standing at the end.

Oh, and if you have a modern phone, there's also a great trick you can play with that. Just ask Sarah Silverman.

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