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So while Vodacom may be gagging the inventor, here are five things we appreciate about 'Please Call Me'.
There have been widespread complaints by consumers about high data prices, leading to the #DataMustFall movement.
While it declined to investigate a complaint against two cellphone companies, the commission said there's scope for a wider probe.
I have made the usual token 2017 resolutions - lose a few, drink less during the week, be more organised, and so on. One bandwagon I'm not jumping on though, is to be "less connected". I may vow to put the pies down, but not my phone.
Mobile phone addiction is a very real thing! According to a report out last year, the average Brit checks his or her mobile phone a massive 50 times a day! Now I am not judging as I can be as guilty as the next person, but when I am on holiday I try to tone it down.
Whether it's a ringtone or a computer sound, all your least favourite technology noises are now available in one handy compilation
What the hell did people do before emails and texting and mobiles anyway? Do you think everyone shrivelled up and died when they went to visit someone for a couple of hours and people couldn't get in touch with them?
The first public mobile phone call took place 40 years ago today, in New York City, by an engineer at Motorola. But a strange
Now here's a fun game for anyone who's got a Nokia 3310 (or similar) lying around somewhere. (You're bound to have one in