Iraq 10 Years On: 22 Films To Come Out Of The Iraq War, From 'The Hurt Locker' To 'Jarhead'

Ten Years On, 22 Films To Come Out Of The Iraq War

It's now a decade since what the US called 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' began in the Middle East.

It wasn't the first war in Iraq, but it was the first one that was captured, in real time, by a thousand cameras, mobile phones and internet streams, and thus permeated not just moral and political consciousnesses, but all our cultural fibres as well.

This has been proven by the wealth of literature created by the subject - in books, plays, music and lots and lots of films.

Setting aside the wealth of documentary material (including Michael Moore's 'Farenheit 911', the highest-grossing documentary film ever), here are just 22 of the biggest dramatic films to come out of that chapter of history...


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