Secret Saudi Drone Base Possibly Revealed On Bing Maps (PICTURES)

A secret American drone base in the Saudi Arabian desert may have just been revealed on Microsoft's Bing maps.

An investigation by a Wired reporter found the strange, isolated facility using the online mapping service.

Google Maps does not show a base in a same location, but Microsoft's Bing maps does.

The imagery details what appears to be several buildings, three airstrips and three hangers about 150 feet long and 75 feet wide.

The base is hidden in the middle of the desert, dozens of miles from the nearest road and was only recently constructed.

If you zoom out from the base, it's easy to see how it was hidden parallel to the dunes.

The facility has been been linked to stories in the US press about a base built in the Saudi desert two years ago and used for strikes into Yemen. The New York Times and Washington Post reportedly agreed to not report the base initially, in case it hurt national security.