Robot Sees Itself In The Mirror For The First Time (VIDEO)

The moment a robot 'saw' itself for the first time in a mirror has captured the imagination of the internet.

In the clip the cute, green android Qbo rolls along a table and sees its own image in the reflective glass.

"Oh, this is me. Nice," it says, after learning to recognise itself.

The video has gained new popularity after its initial release in March, thanks mainly to Reddit.

But that community also managed to dull the joy a little, when it was pointed out the robot isn't quite as advanced as it appears.

"There is no "AI" element either in its interaction, nor in its movement. The "quirky" language is supposed to anthropomorphise him, and hide the fact that just three commands are used throughout," said one user.

Still, using quirky language to mask lack of true functionality? It's worked before...