13/02/2013 04:16 GMT | Updated 13/02/2013 04:20 GMT

Grounded Boat The Duke of Lancaster Attracts Street Artists From Around The World To North Wales

A grounded boat can be a sad sight, particularly when it’s old and rusting to pieces.

In north Wales, a former passenger ferry is avoiding that undignified end with the help of several street artists.

'Eduk the Diver' by the Cream Soda Crew/ At 18x13 metres, the largest work so far on the ship

The Duke of Lancaster has been dug into the Dee estuary in Flintshire since 1979, where it acquired the status of a local landmark.

Throughout the early 80s it was used as a bar and market space called ‘the Funship’ before closing down.

by French artist GOIN

Since then, The Duke’s hull has attracted graffiti artists from around the world. Eight paintings have been added so far, including works by Hungarian Mr Zero, French artist GOIN and Fin DAC from Ireland.

Other artworks are the handiwork of street art collective called DuDug - a wordplay on the Welsh for black duke – who now want to turn The Duke into an open-air gallery.

By the DuDug team

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