Vertu Ti: Behold The £6,800 Android Mobile Phone (PICTURES)

PICS: This Is What A £6,800 Android Mobile Phone Looks Like

What recession?

Luxury mobile phone makers Vertu have just announced the 'Ti' handset, their latest insanely expensive handset - and their first running Android.

The Vertu Ti is made of titanium, and starts at £6,782 for the basic version - roughly the cost of ten unlocked iPhone 5 handsets.

For that you're getting a hand-built phone that comes with a sapphire-covered 800 x 480 pixels display, 1.7Ghz processor and a 1,250mAh battery, as well as sound "punctuated by the London Symphony Orchestra".

That's right - no 4G, no HD display, no dragon skin carrying case. Vertu said it's not interested in being at the "bleeding edge" of technology, but that its customers are instead looking for style and quality of materials than specs.

Take a look at what a £6,700 phone looks like in our gallery, below.


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