Adele: 'Chris Brown And I Were Complimenting Each Other In Grammy Pic'

We all whooped and hollered when it looked like Adele had given baby boy Chris Brown a telling off in a photo taken at the Grammys, but the singer has since denied that was the case.

Adele has revealed she was actually 'complimenting' Rihanna's on-off boyfriend, despite the snap seeming to show them locked in confrontation.

Adele has denied shouting at Chris Brown in this photo

Clearing up rumours of a fight, she took to Twitter writing: "Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!"

Speculation surrounding the photo began when Chris was seen refusing to join the standing ovation for Frank Ocean at the ceremony, with Adele throwing him a glance.

Chris refuses to stand as Frank picks up an award

Chris and Frank have a fraught past after they were involved in a car park brawl earlier this month.

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