Love Hurts: A Spotify Playlist Of Anti-Valentine's Day Songs

LISTEN: Anti-Valentine's Day Songs

As a wise man once wrote: Sad songs say so much.

And so, this St Valentine's Day, if you're single and/or unhappy (the two aren't necessarily connected, of course) and fed up with all the lovey-dovey mushiness that's surrounding you (for as another wise man wrote: Love is all around), then why not hit play on our playlist of anti-love songs, below.

Yes, from Elvis to Kelis, Sinatra to Soft Cell, we've rounded up 40 of our favourite cynical, bitter, angry and downright miserable songs about love, loss and heartbreak. Or heartache, as Bonnie Tyler called it.

Enjoy (sort of). And tell us what your favourite anti-love song is in the comments below...


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