Did John Galliano Dress Up Like A Orthodox Jew On Purpose?

John Galliano has come a long way from being fashion's enfant terrible to a terribly drunken anti-semitic rant in a Paris bar.

The former Dior designer has been through rehab, won a new gig at Oscar de la Renta... and started dressing like a Hasidic Jew.

Former Christian Dior Chief Designer, John Galliano, leaves an apartment in NYC with a friend

The designer stepped out in New York in a "shtetl chic" inspired outfit, complete with black hat, long coat and hanging ringlets, accompanied by a jaunty scarf.

When asked for comment by the New York Post, Galliano’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said, “Your accusations are not at all correct.”

Rabbi and fashion designer Tobi Rubinstein Schneier told the New York Post: "This was not very smart, unless he really wants attention. I’m hoping that this is not in any way a mockery through this attire."

Jewish pop culture blog Heeb wrote: "A less understanding public would almost certainly take John’s attempt at “Hasidic couture” as the icing on an already anti-semitic cake. But we, astute observers of the human condition that we are, see this for what it is – an act of contrition from a penitent, thoughtful, and not at all narcissistic soul.

"Well, John, you ridiculous mess – apology accepted. Can’t wait to see you at Yom Kippur services this fall."

Fashion editor Serena French told the New York Post this was Galliano's way of "making amends".

"As he stepped out before sundown, Galliano knew he had to make a statement. So he did what does best: he made the sidewalk his own catwalk. And what a fashion statement he made," she said.

"Being Galliano, of course, he couldn't resist a flourish: There were blue stockings and an ascot tied to his shirt.

"In his own way, he was attempting to show sympathy and a connection with the very people he has offended."