'Tetris Blitz' Will Take Brick-Stacking Into The Freemium Future

'You Need A Straight Piece? That'll Be 69p'

EA has announced a freemium version of Tetris.

That's right, fresh from angering fans by revealing that Real Racing 3 would join the 'play for free, buy extras for cash' model, it's now admitted the noble art of block stacking will follow in turn.

EA said it would provide "an innovative new twist on the world famous puzzle game" with an emphasis on speed and block-busting powerups.

Frenzy Mode will open up a huge score multiplier, while two-minute sprints and head-to-heads will also play a bigger part in the game.

Users will be able to play for free, and be encouraged to purchase new power-ups and other enhancements, though how payment will be integrated remains unclear.

"Tetris Blitz wraps all of the best elements of the iconic Tetris game inside a bite-sized, frenzied experience that is perfect for smartphones and tablets," said Nick Earl, SVP for EA's All Play label.

"The crisp graphics, innovative new controls and social leaderboards are bound to make Tetris Blitz a captivating gaming experience for longtime Tetris fans and newcomers alike."

But the move hasn't been taken well online, where users joked they would have to pay for helpful pieces:


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