Apple Designer Jony Ive Presented With Gold 'Blue Peter' Badge (VIDEO)


Apple's chief designer Sir Jonathan 'Jony' Ive has been given a rare gold Blue Peter badge - and designed his own out of aluminium.

The man behind the design of the iPod, iPhone and iPad was given the honour in a gadget special of the show to be broadcast on Saturday.

Ive is Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, and apparently a lifelong Blue Peter fan. He said he loved the way Blue Peter reused products to make new things in their iconic 'make' segments.

And to prove his loyalty, he gave the Blue Peter team 'one they'd made earlier' - an all aluminium Blue Peter badge made by Apple's own prototyping machines.

Only 1,000 gold badges have been presented before - other recipients include David Beckham, JK Rowling, Tom Daley, Damian Hirst and The Queen.

Ewan Vinnicombe, Acting Editor of Blue Peter, said: "Sir Jonathan Ive is an inspiration to children around the world and we were ecstatic to hear his comments and design advice to our viewers who will remember such feedback for a lifetime."

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