Boyfriend Shaves Head After Girlfriend Diagnosed With Cancer (PICTURES)

'If You're Bald, I'm Bald'

When Deidre Sechi was diagnosed with cancer in January, her boyfriend of almost three years, Riley Nicolay, promised he would help her fight the disease.

So when her Sechi's hair started to fall out after a few chemotherapy sessions, the couple, who met at high school, decided to shave their heads together.

Nicolay posted a photo of the pair -- both 18 and sporting bald heads -- to social news site Reddit.

High school sweethearts Riley Nicolay and Deidre Sechi

The caption reads: "Beautiful girlfriend is fighting cancer. She got this sh*t."

The same image appears on Sechi's Facebook page with the caption: "If you're bald, I'm bald."

One user wrote: "High five to you for being a supportive boyfriend! You're both wonderfully strong."

Another said: "You two have a great relationship if you are willing to do this for her support, good on you."

According to, the couple have documented each stage of their gradual hair loss but it is the most recent image (with both heads shaved) which is attracting the most attention.

The couple attended IOWA university together, but Sechi had to leave after being diagnosed with a desmoplastic small round cell tumor, in her stomach. Nicolay continues to attend the university.

Here is a picture of the couple before they shaved their heads: