Robbie Williams Weight Loss: Star Debuts New Slimline Physique After Losing 24lbs In Five Weeks (PICS)

You know how it is, you wait aaaages for one weight loss celebrity to debut their new physique, then two come along at once.

Just a day after Boy George revealed his new slimline frame, Robbie Williams has showed off the results of his 24lb weight loss ahead of his performance at the Brit Awards on Wednesday.

Robbie shed 24lbs in five weeks

Debuting his new body on his official website on Monday, the Robbster revealed he shed the weight in five weeks, admitting he 'looked like Geoff Capes' after over indulging at Christmas.

"I went on a diet. Knocked out sugar (processed) and dairy.... Lost 24 pounds in five weeks," he wrote.

"I was looking like Geoff Capes after the Christmas run.. and seeing as 40 is just around the corner it's time to go all yoga and lentils... or who knows where it could all end."

Robbie as he looked last year

The star - who welcomed his daughter Teddy with wife Ayda Field in September - had previously been bulking up, proclaiming he wanted to become the next Marky Mark.

But we have to say, we're loving the new streamlined Robbie.

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