TV REVIEW: 'Girls'... And It Was The Turn Of The Boys, And A Brand New Double Act

Following Hannah's solo dreamy journey last week, Girls were back ensemble this week, with a huge bonus ball to boot.

While Hannah struggled with a new book commission, Marnie struggled with Booth's casual attitude to nudity and his housekeeper - at the same time - until he charmed her with a romantic invitation... to be his hostess for the night.

Adam and Ray have a spontaneous day out

Cue the most awkward party ever... where Hannah did her best to avoid everyone, and Booth offered Marnie a swift $500 before they had a battle of the insecurities in the wine-cellar.

There were some great scenes of untruths being valiantly told in this episode: Hannah and Marnie's awkward phone call, both pretending everything was fine in their respective worlds, and Shoshanna and Marnie's comparing notes on their respective chaps... Marnie fibbing about how good things were with her and Booth, Shoshanna not realising how good things were with her and Ray.

Two men and a pooch

But if Shoshanna fretted that Ray wasn't a real man because he bought tacos on a date, he proved himself thrice over... being the only one to risk a visit to Adam's den. Yes, yippee, this cued the return to stage of Hannah's ex, albeit with a hammer in his hand, a growling dog and a seething attitude, and all the episode's energy just crackled afresh when he opened his door.

Ray comes to realise something about himself and Adam:

You and I, we're actually not so different, I may intellectualise everything, and you... nothing, but at the end of the day we both have the same meaty ideas.

Ray and Adam together... what a result. Adam described stealing his dog from outside a coffee shop, spitting with anger over the dog owner's presumed mistreatment, when it was obviously really about Hannah, involving Ray in his scheme to return said pooch... both of them twitching self-consciously with the machismo they thought the situation required, bonding over the problems they had with women, and then falling out with each other over their respective lady loves. Jokes, sulks and tears. A double act to delight. Give them both a hug.

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