US Gun Control: Joe Biden Says Automatic Weapons Not Needed When A 12-Gauge Shotgun Will Do (VIDEO)

The incredibly divisive debate on gun control in America appears to be a lot simpler than many people are making out, according to vice-president Joe Biden.

The reason US citizens don't need automatic weapons and 30-round ammo clips is simple.

All you need is a 12-gauge shotgun instead.

Speaking in an online video as part of a Facebook town hall, Biden said: "If you wanna protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun.

"As I told my wife...I said Jill, if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.

"You don't need an AR-15 (the military grade automatic rifle used in the Sandy Hook massacre). It's harder to aim, harder to use and you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself."

So there you have it. Who needs an AR-15 when two indiscriminate blasts from a powerful, wide-scattering firearm shot by an untrained marksman will do the job just fine?

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