BEAT THE WEEK News Quiz 21 February

This week has seen political fighting in Eastleigh heat up as Tory candidate Maria Hutchings puts her foot in it... again.. and again.

The Lib Dems have seized the opportunity to mock their south east opponents, accusing candidate Maria Hutchings of dodging a 5 Live radio debate and posting the following poster:

One of Huff Post UK's readers took the opportunity to photoshop the following picture, as Hutchings made one cringe-worthy gaffe after another.

Photoshop courtesy of PA and @Brandy_Snap

Cameron was in India for much of this week, and was pictured wearing a blue bandana on Wednesday as he entered a Sikh Temple.

Whilst Cameron's bandana was a mark of respect, some of these bear some serious explaining.

From police helmets to pink stetsons, someone, somewhere in the political landscape has worn it.

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Boris looking rather fetching

Politicians In Odd Headwear

Meanwhile the Brits injected some tuneful glamour into the week's news (or did they), as the horse meat scandal cantered on, dragging Italy and France into the mealy mess.

There were plenty of other things happening too, so see if you were paying attention and try your hand at Huff Post's news quiz and see if you can BEAT THE WEEK.

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