21/02/2013 09:54 GMT | Updated 21/02/2013 09:59 GMT

Seven-Year-Old Girl Judges Oscar Films Based On Their Posters

There are nine movies up for the Academy Award for Best Picture this year, and not a single one is age-appropriate for my little 7-year-old girl. Silver Linings Playbook? No. Zero Dark Thirty? Nope. Django Unchained? No, no, no! But there isn’t any harm in allowing her to look at the posters for these critically acclaimed films, and this year most of the posters and film titles are particularly cryptic.

I had my opinionated first-grader examine all nine posters for the Best Picture category and give her take on what she thought they were about (and yes, one of them starred fairies).

Check out what she thought right here (and I asked her what film she thought would win Best Picture, so check out her guess as well!):


"It's a movie about an old lady, and it's a sad movie. She looks like maybe she gets sick or something, and it looks really boring. The name of the movie Amour is someone's name. But it's not her name, it's someone she knows. Maybe the person who helps her when she is sick."