Ashlee Arnau, University Cheerleader, Shoots Amazing Front-Flip Half-Court Shot (VIDEO)

Cheerleader's Amazing Front-Flip Half-Court Shot (VIDEO)

Cheerleader Ashlee Arnau usually spends her time on the basketball court raising the spirit of the crowd. On Thursday night, she raised the roof at William Carey University with an amazing front-flip half-court shot.

With a basketball placed in the middle of the court, Arnau ran toward it, did a front-flip, grabbed the ball while upside-down and tossed it toward the basket as she righted herself.

The ball went through the hoop, and the audience went wild.

The 21-year-old nursing student had spent months trying to make the shot, according to The Associated Press, but this was the first time she succeeded.

And it just so happened Arnau completed the feat during the last home game of the season.


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