Alan Partridge Movie Filming In North Norfolk Over Weekend

North Norfolk may be echoing with a resounding volley of bullets over the weekend, as Alan Partridge, one of the East Anglia's most famous fictional residents, returns to his seaside home for filming.

Partridge, the Norfolk broadcaster played by Steve Coogan, will be out and around Cromer pier as filming continues for the much-anticipated feature film.

According to the BBC the pier will be swarming with policemen, but most of them will be actors, so nearby residents have been told not to worry.

Kevin Loader, a producer on the £4m Alan Partridge Movie told the BBC: "We felt that to do the movement to the big screen justice we needed something that would register properly cinematically and I think Cromer Pier will do that job brilliantly."

The pier will be closed to the public from Sunday till Tuesday.

Writer/director Armando Iannucci, speaking at a Bafta screening of his new HBO political comedy Veep, revealed the highly anticipated Alan Partridge movie will see the hapless presenter doing battle with a media giant.

Partridge will take objection when his local digital TV channel is taken over and renamed Shape: Iannucci said:

"It's not 'Alan goes to Hollywood'; it's not 'Alan invaded by aliens' or anything like that.

"Alan is in Norwich.

"He's on North Norfolk Digital, which is taken over by a bigger media conglomerate and has it's name changed to Shape.

"And that kicks everything off."

To whet your appetite hear are some classic Alan moments.

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