Steve Coogan

The Good Morning Britain host awarded the Alan Partridge star the 'Victoria Beckham award for tone deafness'.
The Good Morning Britain presenter said the pair believed their "Hollywood star power could defy democracy".
Viewers claimed he'd "nailed the absurdity" of the nightly BBC show.
Steve Coogan's comedy character is back with the broadcaster and already making himself known.
Actor and comedian Steve Coogan has received damages and an apology from Mirror Group Newspapers over phone-hacking.  The
Steve Coogan has endorsed Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister, urging people to ‘vote Labour and change your future’ this week
Do you really want to look around in two years' time and see a country turned into a low wage tax haven for big business because of Theresa May's weak and wobbly stance in the Brexit negotiations? Do you want the economy to be battered by a hard Brexit for years to come and to see food banks, homelessness, privatised health services and inequality increasing even more as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? The good news is, this Thursday there's an opportunity to change things.