Jeremy Vine Channels Alan Partridge During Attempt To Help Pig Farmer

Broadcaster acknowledges viral moment – and points to another time he aped Steve Coogan's character.
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Jeremy Vine has joined in the fun after a clip of the BBC broadcaster appearing to go full Alan Partridge was shared widely on Twitter.

On his BBC Radio 2 show on Thursday, Vine threw out some possible solutions to the abattoir labour shortage that means hundreds of pigs across the UK face being slaughtered.

The journalist had received a message from an east Yorkshire farm where – he explained – they faced a dilemma about what do do with their pigs as the animals could not enter the food chain as normal.

He continued: “Is there anything else we can do here? Could people adopt them as pets? Could people collect pigs and slaughter them personally ... use them as a spit roast or something. I don’t know, they’re obviously very different choices there.”

The clip was seized on by the Accidental Partridge account, which shares Partridge-esque moments seen in the wild.

It delighted many on social media ...

And soon enough people were quoting lines spouted by Steve Coogan’s beloved creation ...

Even Vine saw the funny side – sharing a moment that was arguably even more hilarious ...


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