'Alan Partridge' Sends Out Priceless Email To BBC Colleagues Ahead Of New Series

Steve Coogan's comedy character is back with the broadcaster and already making himself known.

Alan Partridge is back, and he’s more Alan Partridge than ever judging by the contents of an email he sent to his ‘colleagues’ at the BBC.

In the mail, crafted completely in character, Alan urges them to watch his new series, This Time.

And in true Partridge style, he manages to insult “know-nothing” BBC employees as he takes a swipe at old enemies at the corporation.

It reads: “Back I am, as evidenced by this, my own official BBC email address.

“And with it I reach out to you my colleagues – not to gloat, or settle old scores, or say ‘Hey Karen/Kate/Kath, why don’t you kiss my arse’ – but to be the bigger man and clear the air of any residual stench.”

The email, titled Clearing The Air, continues: “I love the BBC and I always have. While others might say it’s a smug anachronism full of braying, know-nothing chancers doling out fat commissions to their braying, know-nothing Oxbridge mates, I don’t.

“I think the BBC is great, and watch the programmes avidly, regardless of their quality.”


The email asks a favour of the vast number of BBC staff, begging them to tune into This Time for the purpose of giving the show’s ratings “the upward trajectory management is bound to want a piece of”.

Of course, Alan Partridge is the comedy creation of Steve Coogan and This Time is the character’s first full BBC series since the second run I’m Alan Partridge in 2002.

The fictional broadcaster was last seen on screen in 2016 for a one-off Sky Atlantic special, entitled Scissored Isle, following the network’s Mid Morning Matters series.

This Time With Alan Partridge begins tonight at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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